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Primary cutaneous lymphomas are a group of rare, incurable malignancies that greatly affect one’s quality of life and at an advanced stage in one’s own life.

None of the treatments available to date, except for allogeneic transplantation, have changed the life expectancy of these patients. Their survival depends on the stage of the disease of these patients and on some additional prognostic factors that are thoroughly expanded by international specialist physician partnerships.

The specialties involved in the treatment and follow-up of these patients are many (Dermatology, Hematology, Radiotherapy and Transplantation Unit represented by Prof. E. Papadavid, Prof. V. Pappa, Prof. V. Kouloulias, Prof. P. Tsirigotis) and the cornerstone for designing the optimal treatment strategy is their immediate and perfectly harmonious cooperation.

The Attikon Hospital Lymphoma Clinic is a reference center for Primary Cutaneous Lymphomas as it is based in a large tertiary University Hospital with all the necessary expertise to monitor and treat these patients. In case of failure of each agent the patient is re-examined and his treatment plan redefined or accelerated when the disease worsens. The 2nd Skin and Venereal Disease Department also holds ISO accreditation for clinical trials offering additional opportunities to these patients.

The Clinical Director and Head of the Lymphoma Center is a member of the EORTC Board of Directors, has been involved in the European Guidelines for the Treatment of Skin Lymphomas and in the design of new clinical studies for these rare diseases The center regularly organizes Doctors and Patients Information Days.

In September 2019 the EORTC European Congress was organised by Prof E Papadavid and was very succesful with more than 200 European participants, and a special patient and doctors interactive session.

Overall, the Lymphoma Medical Center takes place in a full-fledged university hospital and provides the opportunity for a good collaboration between all the necessary specialized Doctors in order to enable the complete monitoring and therapeutic approach of these patients with all available treatment options.