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The CL unit has been operating since 2011 and has been recognized as a Center of Excellence for Rare Hematological Diseases of Children and Adults – Cutaneous Lymphoma (FEK 4276 / 29-11-2019), with the participation of all necessary medical specialties under the coordination of the Head of the Center, Professor of Venereology – Dermatology Dr. Papadavid Evangelia in collaboration with the Hematology Unit, Professor of Hematology Dr. Pappa Vassiliki and the Radiotherapy Unit, the Professor of Radiotherapy Dr. Kouloulia Vasilio..

Cutaneous Lymphoma Unit

(CL unit)


University Hospital Attikon





Papadavid Evangelia, Professor, Director of the Center

Lampadaki Kyriaki, Registrar B΄, Dermatologist

Karagianni Fani, Biologist, Head of Organization and Operation of the Center

Theodoropoulos Konstantinos, Registrar A΄, Dermatologist

Koumourtzis Marios, Resident in Dermatology

Vaiopoulos Aristidis, Dermatologist, Αcademic Fellow

Papadaki Marianna, Biologist, Research Fellow

Krani Eudoxia, Nurse


Heamatology Unit – Transplantations


Pappa Vasiliki, Professor

Papageorgiou Sotirios, Registrar A’, Heamatologist

Tsirigotis Panagiotis, Associate Professor

Mpouchla Anthi, Heamatologist, Academic Fellow



Kelekis Nikolaos, Professor, Director of 2nd Radiology Laboratory

Oikonomopoulos Nikolapos, Director E.S.Y

Radiotherapy Unit


Kouloulias Vasileios, Professor

Kypreou Eufrosini, Registrar A’