Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities

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The patient has the right to be initially informed about the benefits of his participation and follow-up at the Special Lymphoma Clinic. He has the right to be aware of all possible side effects arising from the proposed treatment plans. It also reserves the right to change the monitoring center if it withdraws its consent. He has the right to be informed of all treatment options and to disagree with the treatment proposed by the multidisciplinary team as long as he signs that he has been offered the appropriate treatment and has refused. Finally, he has the right to access copies of his medical file.


The patient must give a written informed consent, so that the data from the medical appointments and the clinical laboratory examination are recorded and recorded safely and with respect to the protection of personal data both in our hospital computer and in the special reporting and recording software for cutaneous lymphomas for further analysis.

He should also agree to the use of biological samples such as tissue samples (ie biopsies) and blood samples for possible confirmation of the diagnosis or future biopsy material, blood or lymph nodes for analysis.

The results that may emerge from the analyzes may be published in scientific journals either as isolated cases or as a research study.

Photographs of the patient’s skin (from the lesions) will be taken and may be published in a final report with the results of a possible investigation; however these photographs will be anonymous, without identifying features of the patient.

The patient is obliged to come to his regularly scheduled appointments for better monitoring, possible hospitalization if necessary, adjustment of his dosage, regular laboratory and clinical examination and even record side effects.